Tell your story

An important task for any modern Clan is to discover and tell its story.  As the generations pass many fascinating facts can be lost with the passage of time. Clan Little in this region is keen to learn about the migration and re settlement of the Little family. We are a diverse group who have stood tall and made a mark in the game of life.

Clan Little is committed to gathering and keeping the memories of our past and supports the work of the National Oral History Association of New Zealand specifically to foster and promote the practice and methods of oral history gathering and improve access to oral history collections held in libraries, archives or museums throughout New Zealand and Australia.  We believe its important to encourage the art of attentive listening particularly to older family members.

The story of Clan Little begins deep in the low lands of Scotland where our ancestors struggled to eke out a living. They were a people close to the land who sought to do their best in whatever situation they found themselves. They lived and loved hard in pursuit of fairness in all things. Our story begins in the oral traditions of hard working, home loving and honourable people. Our ancestors were not intimidated by oppression or loss of liberty. Many a romantic notion survives close to kith and kin. Our ancestors were hard working honourable people who learnt the hard way to do their best with what was at hand.  There are family stories often told beside the hearth which we need to hear and pass on to the next generation.  To assist people in their discoveries and sharing of history we have produced this small three fold brochure “Little Bits”   Little bits    If you know of books, pamphlets, recordings and the like which survive from days gone by please alert us to them, so they can be noted and shared. Fill in the contact us form here –